Viruses and germs enter our body from one of these gates. The CDC says to wear a mask, stay 6 feet apart and wash your hands. I currently wear a mask because I do not want to offend anyone, with so many people fearing the COVID 19. We need a little more protection to prevent germs and viruses from entering our bodies. One effective defense we do not hear about on local television is to build up your immune system, eat healthily, take your probiotic so your body can do what God created it to do to protect us. This COVID 19 virus is a battle on the outside of our body but is also an internal battle. I am no doctor, but I think we need to keep our gates clean, not allowing bacteria and germs to enter our bodies. 

  • Ear 
  • Noses 
  • Mouth 
  • Skin 
  • Hands 

This Coronavirus is spreading, in record numbers, according to the CDC, across the world. I make sure I wash my hands with soap and water and keep my face, ear, noses, and mouth clean. Hydrogen Peroxide 3 % is what I used for years to keep my ears clean to stop me from getting cold. 

This Coronavirus is invisible to the human eyes, where no one can see it. My extra protection to keep my gates clean is I used 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to clean my nose, ears, mouth, and skin.

I take 4 q tip, dip the cotton end into Hydrogen Peroxide 3 %, and put it in my ear until I hear the sizzle. Make sure my ear is clean. I then take the other two q- tips and clean each of my nostrils and clean my wipe with the Hydrogen Peroxide 3 % with the q-tip. 

I have always used Hydrogen Peroxide 3% and baking soda to brush my teeth and use it to keep my teeth white and clean. When I take a bath, I always add one of the following to my bath water, Baking Soda, Epsom Salt, or Hydrogen Peroxide to help clean my skin. 

Here are some benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide: 

  • Hydrogen Peroxide is in living material. 
  • Your white blood cells naturally produce hydrogen peroxide (H202) to fight bacteria and infections. 
  • Fruit and vegetables typically have hydrogen peroxide. 
  • One good reason why it is so healthy to eat fresh fruit and vegetables. ● It is found in massive dosages in the mother’s first milk, called colostrum, and is transferred to the baby to boost their immune system. 
  • Add to bathwater 
  • Soak your feet in it 
  • Brush your teeth/ Rinse your mouth with it 

You are cleaning your gates daily before going outside from the dust particles that are very fine that we can not see with our physical eyes. The virus we can not see with our physical eyes. So clean your gates like you are wearing the mask and washing your hands for that extra protection. Clean your ears, noses, and mouth for additional security. 

There is an old saying, cleanliness is Goddess. 

Here is the list of Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Hydrogen Peroxide 3% H2O2 First Aid Antiseptic 
  • Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 8% 
  • Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 12% 
  • Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 35% 
  • Dr. Donsbach’s Cherry Berry Supper Oxy Plus. 

Please consult with your doctor if you have any concerns using Hydrogen Peroxide.
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James Paul Roguski


  • I have not had the cold or flu in over 30 years.
    I dip both sides of a q tip in 3% hydrogen peroxide. Then I touch the entrance to both ears using one side of the q tip for each ear. Never going far down the ear canal.
    Then I get another q tip and soak both ends in 3% hydrogen peroxide. I touch the entrance of the nostrils each separately, with the soaked 3% hydrogen peroxide.
    Normally, I clean my ears and nostrils, 2x a day, 365 days a year. However, during the pandemic, I clean the ears and nostrils, 2-10 x per day, 365 days a year. Now I administer before and after going to store, library, etc.

  • I have been using 3% H2O2 regularly since 1997, Just like it indicates to on the bottle. I learned about it in the US. I gargle, rinse my mouth, and wipe it in my nostrils with a Kleenex. In Canada, the bottles clearly indicate to not let it contact any mucous membrane. Most everyone here thinks I have lost my mind for practicing this ritual routinely. I have never had a cold or flu since 1997. Canada needs to update the monograms for the licensing of Natural Products in Ottawa. Canada and China seem to be the only countries that do not want it’s citizens to use it for anything but shallow wounds. 🤦‍♂️ smh.

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