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Today, many people have become very interested in the potential of the health benefit of fermented food. These new enthusiasts are bringing a new life to this ancient practice.

Lactic acid fermentation or lacto-fermentation is among the most common methods and one of the easiest to bring this experience into your home. Salt is a key role in this traditional fermentation by creating conditions that is favor to the bacteria, preventing the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, pulling water and nutrients from the substrate and adding flavor.

In the comfort of your home, with family and friends, help bring back this ancient practice of fermenting food.

8 Reasons to Host a Fermenting Party

1. Absorb food better.
2. Budget-friendly.
3. Preserves food easily.
4. Maintains digestive health.
5. Contains probiotics.
6. A tremendous source of fiber.
7. A great source of antioxidants.
8. Strengthens bones.

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