Why I am Rendering Fatback To Make Lard!

April 21, 2023Product News, Health Tips

I am a baby boomer growing up in the North, but my family roots lie in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with all the traditional Louisiana southern-style cooking. I grew up with my family, especially my mother eating every part of the pig. We grew up cooking with Lard, not knowing the health benefits of Lard for … Read More

How I fought the Common Cold During COVID 19

August 27, 2021Health Tips

In the blog, I want to share how I handle the common cold during Covid 19. I had not had a cold in over 30 years. I had to think back on how long it had been. I remember it was right after I bought a home. I had just moved into a home. Due … Read More

Building Up Your Army of Good Bacteria

April 7, 2021Health Tips, Product News

Across the world, many people are dying in large numbers due to the COVID-19 virus. The CDC tells us to wash our hands, wear a face mask, and social distance 6 feet away from each other. This will allow protection for the outside to stop the virus from entering our body through hands touching our … Read More

The Power of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth!

January 11, 2021Health Tips, Product News

● Silica fades age spots ● Silica stimulates metabolism for higher energy levels ● Diatomaceous earth has a negative charge and bacteria have a positive charge. It is believed that diatomaceous earth sweeps bacteria out of the body by trapping it in its honeycomb shaped skeletal form. ● Silica supplementation helps repair and maintain vital … Read More

The Power of Hydrogen Peroxide

December 3, 2020Health Tips

Viruses and germs enter our body from one of these gates. The CDC says to wear a mask, stay 6 feet apart and wash your hands. I currently wear a mask because I do not want to offend anyone, with so many people fearing the COVID 19. We need a little more protection to prevent … Read More

Himalayan Rock Salt

July 13, 2020Health Tips, Product News

This blog is to share something I feel many Americas may need during this plague of Coronavirus that is sweeping across the world. Our prayer is for the many families that lost their loved ones because of the Coronavirus. Many businesses have closed their doors to help stopthe spread of this virus. Services like hair … Read More