Homemade Dairy

Class Description

Many Americans still have a deep love for ice-cream, butter, eggs, milk, and yogurt.

Hosting a homemade dairy party will allow your guests to experience the old traditional way of making our favorite dairy dishes which contains many health benefits coming from cows that are grass-fed.

8 Reasons to Host a Dairy Party

1. Learn to make homemade ice –cream.
2. Learn to make yogurt and how it is beneficial for our body.
3. How to make fermented milk.
4. Learn how good fats from butter and milk benefit the body.
5. Have fun making homemade butter the yesterday way and modern way.
6. Learn why farm fresh eggs are good for you.
7. Learn the benefit of Raw vs Pasteurized.
8. Learn why some people suffer from Lactose Intolerance.

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