Labor of Love

Class Description

This home party is to change who baby shower are done.

In a home party setting family and friends learn how important is for anyone thinking about having a baby to prepare their body and womb to have healthy babies. In the comfort of your home, with family and friends, revive this ancient art of food preservation.

8 Reasons to Host a Labor of Love Party

1. Learn how to eat properly before having a baby.
2. Learn how to prepare probiotic food.
3. Learn what vitamin can be beneficial for both mother and baby.
4. What can you do if you can’t breastfeed?
5. How to formulate homemade baby food.
6. How to prepare homemade formula.
7. Learn what food help the baby to be healthy.
8. Learn about processed foods and how to avoid them.

Other Courses Offered


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Homemade Dairy

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Milling fresh wheat into flour, nuts, and legumes.

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