Across the world, many people are dying in large numbers due to the COVID-19 virus. The CDC
tells us to wash our hands, wear a face mask, and social distance 6 feet away from each other.
This will allow protection for the outside to stop the virus from entering our body through hands
touching our noses and mouth.

Today, we have vaccines that can now be injected into many Americans with one of the
following vaccines: AstraZeneca, Novavax, or Johnson & Johnson to protect you from the
inside. I believe a pill and shot alone will not defend us, but according to our scientists and
doctors, this is a start they believe can stop this virus.

Here is my disclaimer: I am not a doctor or scientist. I am sharing what I and other family and
friends have used to boost their immune system, which is where I believe the real battle starts
within the human body. Many Americans have not done a good job caring for this one body, God has given us to live in.

We have to make some fundamental changes to our diet and how we feed our families.
The American diet is destroying our gut bacteria. This affects our physical health and mental
state of mind, killing off the good bacteria in our gut, which allows all kinds of diseases and other viruses to destroy the good bacteria. Americans are killing the good army cells, so the harmful bacteria are running havoc on our bodies.

There is an old gospel song titled,” We Are Soldiers In The Army “, the army cells of good
bacteria in many Americans’ gut can not fight because they have not been fed the right kind of
food and nourishment to win a battle. The army cells in our guys are fragile and vulnerable.
Humans are 10% human and 90% bacteria of cells, which doctors and scientists now know that
90% of all cells in the human body live in our gut flora. And many Americans are killing their gut by what they are feeding it. Our little soldiers are not strong due to the lack of proteins, vitamins, and nutrients to stand up to fight against any foreign enemies in our body that can affect our health from physical to mental state.

Americans love junk food, processed diet, and antibiotics overload, killing 90% of good bacteria.
We are slowly killing off our good army of good bacteria.
We have to fight, although we have to cry. This battle with COVID 19 has many Americans
crying due to losing a loved one or a lost friend and losing good health.
We can win this battle for our health by what we put in our bodies. In this blog, I have pictures of the tool I know for trying myself is a great start to build up one good bacteria. God wonderfully made our immune system, but we have to feed our gut the food, vitamins, and nourishment it needs to be a strong army of good bacteria to win the fight.

How are Americans damaging their Gut Flora?

  1. Antibiotics
  2. Over the Counter Drugs- Pain Killer, Aspirin, ibuprofen( For Long Term Use)
  3. Diet
  4. Different Infections Disease- Like( Typhoid, Cholera, Dysentery, and Salmonella and
    some viral infection, which can cause lasting damage to the gut.
    Severe defects in gut flora accompany various Chronic illnesses like diabetes,
    autoimmune disease, endocrine disease, obesity, neurological conditions.
  5. Stress
  6. Social Factors- Physical exertion, old age, alcoholism, pollution, exposure to toxic
    substances, seasonal factors, exposure to ionizing radiation, and extreme climate can
    profoundly affect our friendly bacteria.
  7. Information from: Gut and Psychology Syndrome, by Dr. Natasha Campbell – McBride MD.

Information from: Gut and Psychology Syndrome, by Dr. Natasha Campbell – McBride MD.
Let’s start simply by taking probiotics and eating healthy food or get Dr. Natasha Campbell-
McBride MD book on Gut and Psychology Syndrome for you and your loved ones to have an inner you clean so the outer you will visibly see a difference.


  • Hello from Obryant Baker

    Approximately 10 days ago I attended your info session at East Atlanta Village Library where you spoke of the Weston A Price Findings of Food, Farming and The Healing Arts.
    Along that time in my health journey, it is my belief that I have Vasovagal Syncope. The symptoms include fainting, a sudden drop-in heart rate and the feeling of being famished even if a meal was recent. Also I was told many years ago that I’m Anemic. Can you advise me of a solution. Finally, I have insomnia and suffering with Alopecia.

    • Hello Obryant,

      Yes! I remember you. If my memory serves me right you are a vegetarian. It is very important to build up your immune system by eating foods like fermented foods, taking probiotics, and getting in healthy fats, Omega 3 for that is good for the brain and heart.

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