Canning Revival

Class Description

Yesterday’s Kitchen 4 Today home canning party is bringing back food preservation.

In the 1960 John Mason was the first to introduced home canning using glass jars. In the early years, it was expensive for local small farmers to buy the mason jars. Today, John Mason paved the way for canning of families growing their own fruits and veggies saving families money from buying and rely on what is available in their local grocery stores.

In the comfort of your home, with family and friends, revive this ancient art of food preservation.

8 Reasons to Host a Canning Party

1. Canning produces flavorful, high-quality food that can save you money.
2. Canning builds self-reliance and creates family memories.
3. Canning can inspire you to can what is in-season for the winter months.
4. Canning help families to keep their pantry stocked.
5. Many people are inspired to practice canning because of their back yard gardening.
6. Water bath to Pressure Canning will teach the basics of canning using the equipment that can take homegrown fruit and vegetable to high-quality food for your family.
7. Canning provides your family comfort to know what they are eating.
8. Canning allows people to share their harvest as a gift.

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