In the blog, I want to share how I handle the common cold during Covid 19. I had not had a cold
in over 30 years. I had to think back on how long it had been. I remember it was right after I
bought a home. I had just moved into a home. Due to the lack of sleep, my immune system was
weak because I was working a full-time job and in school part-time. It took one week to get over
that cold.

Here again, I have not been sleeping and driving 12 hours from Atlanta to Milwaukee, WI
returning my grandbaby girl to her mother. We spent a good time together in Atlanta, going to
the parks, movies, and dancing. I finally have a grandchild that loves to dance and go on long
walks. I love being a grandma unconditionally! And they can call me grandma. My other two
grandchildren had a cold which they passed to my older granddaughter and boyfriend of my
daughter. Now I am around all these people with the common cold.

I got a nagging cough that kept me up nights. I was full of mucus which stops me from sleeping
at night because mucus was draining in the back of my throat. Due to the lack of sleep, my body just decided to stop. I finally was able to sleep for over 10 hours, and I woke up feeling much better. I still had the mucus dripping in the back of my throat. That mucus dripping in the back of my throat was driving me nuts to keep coughing. I will be talking, and then I will begin to cough and can not stop coughing up mucus. NOW! All of this happened during COVID 19. I separate myself from people. At times but I would still have to go out and shop.

I was standing in line at the grocery store with my mask on my face, and I started to cough and
could not stop. Oh my God, the man standing 6 feet in front of me turned and gave me the
dirtiest looking and order me to get in front of him. This man was not happy that I started
coughing. I told him I have a common cold and remembered the common cold. I was trying my
best to be very nice to this man to make him comfortable he had nothing to fear.
The common cold was around before COVID 19, and the Flu was around before COVID 19.

I am afraid to sneeze or cough around anyone without fear of people getting offended or having
people thinking I have COVID 19. Our bodies are under attack like never before. Our immune system is being harmed by what we eat, drugs, alcohol, medication, and now COVID 19. Now is the time to pull out all ammunition to help our immune system to be healthy. These are the things I took to build up my immune system and continue to fight the beast of a virus.

Here is a list of my ammunition:

Colostrum – Nature Gift
Fermented Cod Liver Oil – Green Pasture
Vitamin D-3 50,000 I U
Vitamin C – Infusion – Search for a local area
Drink Plenty of Water / Sometimes add lemon or lime
Chicken/ Beef Bone Broth – Gut Health, Immune System Support
Sea Moss Gel – Help with Mucus

We are at war. I believe God has given us an immune system to fight for us. Americans’ arsenal of weapons for a healthy immune system is empty American’s lifestyle of a poor diet, smoking, drugs, alcohol medication, and being overweight has left one immune system on empty to battle even the common cold. The common cold still exists today. Do an inventory. Check on your immune system to ensure it is up for the battle, which is more to come.

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