Many parents and grandparents have failed to give the next generation of young people the skills to get through tough times. The basic skills of cooking, growing your food, learning how to build things, repair things, and sew. 

The reason I started Yesterday’s Kitchen 4 Today is to bring back these old skills and one of the essential skills is baking bread. In the book of Exodus God feeds the children of Israel bread from heaven. Bread is one of the staple foods that can keep you alive. 

Nutritional Value:
Whole Grain contains bran, middlings wheat germ oil once all of the following has been removed from the Whole Grain what is left is white flour which has no nutrient value. The grain in “whole grain” is full of fiber-rich in vitamins B, iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. 

Why I mill Fresh Wheat:
I started milling fresh wheat when my youngest daughter started having problems with warts on her fingers. What I learned was she needed to change her diet and we eliminated white flour, white sugar, white rice and increased her vitamin E. This put me on a journey to understand that our food has been changed. Once I served her whole-grain wheat the wart was gone, also I added a vitamin E supplement. 

Economic Value:
I believe that we need to learn how to prepare bread from our kitchen and teach the next generation so they are not needing to be standing in a breadline today or tomorrow. To have your whole grain of wheat and your Nutrimill is an economic value to you and your family for years to come.

Here at Yesterday’s Kitchen 4 Today, we teach the benefits of the different grains and how to mill the grains, and the many types of equipment needed to give you and your family healthy flour. 

We educate on how to store the grains for long-term use and short-term use. Yesterday’s Kitchen 4 today is the place for families to go back to learn the skills of our father and mother of yesterday who taught their children to go back to milling fresh wheat into flour to make homemade bread, biscuits, cakes, and pies. Learn the skills that can feed you, your family, and your community for life. Considering baking your own bread? Take a look at the Nutrimill in my store, it makes the process quick and easy.

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