Debra Bulter, Milwaukee, WI -

“I used Himalayan Salt in water to swish in my mouth because of a toothache and it took the pain

My husband had a toothache and he rinsed his mouth with salt water it took the pain away.
He now adds salt to his water because he is a Baseball Umpire and he adds salt to his water to
prevent leg cramps and it works.

Marsha taught me about the benefits of Kefir as a probiotic, which you make using kefir grains
and raw milk. It tastes like buttermilk, which I love and the benefits are great.”

Linda Higgenbottom, Racine, WI -

“I have struggled with painful arthritis for years. My thumb pain made it difficult to open jars and
fall asleep. My knee pain made it challenging to walk up and down stairs.

Over the years, I have purchased many OTC arthritis creams and ointments. They either provided
no pain relief had an offensive smell or was too greasy to be applied during the day.

Since I’ve been using DMSO, it has been a highly effective pain reliever. My pain dissipates
within 5 minutes of application and absorption. No other cream or ointment has given me
sustained pain relief like DMSO.

I love that DMSO is odorless, easy to apply without a mess, absorbs into my skin quickly, and
does not leave my skin greasy.

I apply DMSO after my morning shower and before bedtime to remain pain-free all day.”

Earnestine Hendrcks, Columbus, Mississippi -

“I met Marsha some years ago and I believe it was a divine connection.

She has been a blessing to our radio station (WTWG am 1050 and 96.9FM) and also to me by
sharing great information that is sometimes eye-opening. Her book Yesterday’s Kitchen 4 Today
is a great resource for individuals that want to walk in health and wholeness.

I have learned the importance of eating the right kinds of food. Her studying and staying in the know of what is
going on with our foods is helping parents feed their children better quality foods.

Her passion for better quality food and health is evident in her work as she serves others with workshops
and teaching. Thank you Marsha for the great work you are doing and keep up the good work.”

– Earnestine Hendrcks
WTWG Radio Program Director

Frank William, Atlanta Georgia -

“Marsha Thadison has been a tremendous asset to my family as a modern-day healer. My
middle son was struggling with focusing in school, Marsha provided on-the-spot consultation
and led me to a product featured on her website that helped him.

As a result of her podcast on the topic of salt, I no longer see that mineral as an enemy the way the traditional medical
establishment would have us believe. Instead, every morning I have a Himalayan salt tonic to start my day.

The area that Marsha and Yesterday’s Kitchen for Today has been the most impactful for my family and I is Marsha’s clarity about the dangers of processed sugars and how it seems to appear in almost all pre-packaged foods. As a result of Marsha’s leadership in
the health and wellness space – we are all moving around with greater ease and clarity.”

Sheree Amore - Atlanta, Georgia -

“Miss. Marsha has been a tremendous blessing to me.

Her knowledge of holistic modalities is endless. Her support while managing an illness has been priceless. Immediately upon receiving information about my condition she instantly went into overdrive.

Miss. Marsha is such an asset to our community. Her desire to see her community flourishing and living exceptionally well is refreshing. I fully support Yesterday’s Kitchen’s mission to reeducate people about Holistic healing for our mind, body, and spirit.”

James L Davids (Bud) - Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Age 97

“I am Sharing Uncle Bud’s eczema story. This is about a 97-year-old free sprite man that lived along a still drive and suffered with this skin issue for a while until his nieces shared with me the problem he was having with his skin. Once I saw it was eczema I knew Milk Kefir was the answer.

He no longer has issues with break out and he no longer is itching.

“Let Food Be Your Medicine. Thank you, Marsha”

Marsha D., Mississippi -

“I met Marsha about 15 years ago at a farm conference. She spoke on nutrition in her venue table of yesterday‘s kitchen, for today spoke for itself. She has spent countless hours researching, finding, and coming up with ways to let food be the alternative to assist your body in healing in the healing process or have a healthier lifestyle.

On October 20, 2000. I was diagnosed with two types of cancers: aggressive ovarian and Uterus cancer. Marsha Thaddison was there for moral support, praying, and helping to research how to win this battle. We spent countless phone conversations about diet, vitamins supplement, and praying.

Marsha also encouraged me to advocate for myself with my oncologist and other doctors on the team.

She researched medicine and the side effects and helped me navigate those with intentionality. All of this makes me a more vigorous self-advocate on the journey. She studied alternative remedies when I didn’t have the strength or the mind to because of the chemo brain. She was so involved in my cancer journey that she sometimes called me on the carpet. One of the main things she stressed was: watching my stress levels: eating healthier foods, cutting out white flour, and eating raw vegetables.

Thank you, YK4T Marsha Thaddison and my medical team, for allowing God to use their gifts and callings, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and skills in assisting in my being made whole from not 1 but 2 cancers, Ovarian and Uterus cancer.

Thank you, Marsha, for letting YEHOVAH pour in you to pour out to me.”