This blog is to share something I feel many Americas may need during this plague of Coronavirus that is sweeping across the world. Our prayer is for the many families that lost their loved ones because of the Coronavirus.

Many businesses have closed their doors to help stop
the spread of this virus. Services like hair salon, nail salon, restaurants, and dentist offices are not open, and many Americans that require a dentist due to a toothache will have to suffer at home.

We all know having a toothache is very painful. Let me share with you what I had done to end my tooth pain. Many people can’t believe something so simple can release them entirely of tooth pain now. Many of the families and friends that have tried are now pain-free.

Three inexpensive things needed to be pain-free:

  1. Water
  2. Mason jar
  3. Himalayan Sea Salt Rock

The beauty of this Himalayan rock salt is that it contains 84 minerals, and our body needs 102 minerals per day. The Himalayan sea salt rock is a quick and easy, inexpensive way to get your minerals in your body daily.

Place several of the Himalayan rock salt stones in a medium or large jar based on your family size. Cover the Himalayan rock salt with pure, spring water and let the salt sit in the water for 24 hours. The minerals that were once in the salt will be in the water.

If the Himalayan rock salt has completely dissolved, add more Himalayan rock salt. Keep doing this until the water can no longer dissolve any more salt; only the rocks are at the bottom of the jar.

You now have sole! Here are a few benefits of the sole.

  1. Sole is help tooth pain
  2. Rinsing your mouth with sole can remove Tatar and prevent tooth decay.
  3. Do a 25- 30 minutes Himalayan bath sole has the cleaning effect of a three day fast
  4. Topical applications of sole regulate the storage of fatty tissue and balance the PH of the skin.
  5. Himalayan sole wrap relieves pain from strained muscles
  6. Our brains sit in saltwater, which affects mind and spirit wellness.

Resource: Water & Salt The Essence of Life, The Healing Power of Nature by Dr. Med Barbara Hendel and Peter Ferreria

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