Putting The Power of Good Health Back Into the Hands of the People.

Our mission is to educate and inform our clients of ways to change their relationship with food using traditional tools and healthy methods of food preparation. We want to educate people about the methods of the past while empowering them to live healthy futures.

About Us

To set Americans free from sickness and disease through living healthier eating lifestyles and setting traditions and memories for a new healthier generation.

Preserving Food God’s Way Is Healthier Than Preserving Food Man’s way… Yesterday’s Kitchen 4 Today Can Show the Way.

“If you have certain skills, abilities, resources, you hold them in trust to give back to other people” – Mayo Brothers

Are you sick of being sick? Do you want to lose weight? Are you wanting to feed your family healthier food?

It starts in the heart of the home which is the kitchen.

My interest is to train the next generation to have a better healthier life for their families in mind, body, and soul. Home Parties give us that opportunity to meet families understand their family budget their health needs in relation to food.

What I can’t do alone, but if Yesterday’s Kitchen 4 Today can train 10 or 300 people to go out of the house to house teaching families, what our great grandmother taught their children on preparing healthy food that can be our medicines. This will be an endless chain of healthy people for generations to come.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” - Hippocrates

Our Courses


Explore preserving fruits, vegetables, and meats with our course on canning.


Delve into the art and science of fermenting fresh fruits and vegetables.

Homemade Dairy

Create your own homemade butter, ghee, ice-cream, yogurt, and cheese.

Labor of Love

Learn what foods to eat before you are pregnant, while you are pregnant, and how to prepare natural baby formula and food.

Grain Power

Milling fresh wheat into flour, nuts, and legumes.

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Himalayan Rock Salt

Himalayan Rock Salt

July 13, 2020

You now have sole! Here are a few benefits of the sole. Sole is help tooth pain Rinsing your mouth with sole can remove Tatar and prevent tooth decay. Do a 25- 30 minutes Himalayan bath sole has the cleaning effect of a three day fast Topical applications of sole regulate the storage of fatty … Read More

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