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I see a lot of health improvements in my patients using Sea-greens…” Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD (author of Gut & Psychology Syndrome and Put Your Heart in Your Mouth)

Seagreens food products are made from a unique blend of wild Arctic seaweed and represents a whole food that cannot be artificially formulated. Seagreens naturally balanced range of nutrients is more comprehensive than land-grown foods, and is rich in all the micronutrients missing from processed foods, and even from organic land foods. Seagreens represents a progressive step forward from unbalanced, synthetic multivitamins as well as common kelp and other freshwater algae products whose nutritional profiles are less balanced than Seagreens.

Two Seagreens Food Capsules typically contain: Protein: 75 mg Carbohydrate/fibre: 700 mg (of which the non-starch polysaccharides Algin 230 mg, Fucose and Fucoidan 90 mg, Mannitol 65 mg, Methylpentosans, Laminarin 40 mg, Mannuronic acid 270 mg) and essential fatty acids EFAs Vitamins: A (antioxidant carotenoids beta carotene, and fucoxanthin, violaxanthin and chlorophyll) 178 mcg, B group (including B12, Cyanocobalamin 0.004 mcg, Bc Folic and Folinic acid 0.6 mcg, B1 Thiamine 0.3 mcg, B2 Riboflavin 7.5 mcg, Niacin (anti-pellagra) 20 mcg, Pantothenic acid, B6 Pyridoxin, Choline) 8.9 mcg, C (antioxidant) 1.25 mg, D (Cholecalciferol) 0.01 mcg, E (antioxidant) including the complete set of isomers 0.23 mg, H (Biotin) .30 mcg K (Menadione) 10 mcg Minerals: Calcium 20 mg,Chlorine 35 mg, Magnesium 7 mg, Nitrogen 10.5 mg, Phosphorus 1.5 mg, Potassium 25 mg, Sodium 35 mg, Sulphur 30 mg Trace Elements: Antimony trace, Boron 0.06 mg, Cobalt 5.4 mcg, Copper trace, Fluorine 0.2 mg, Germanium trace, Gold trace, Iodine 399 mcg*, Iridium trace, Iron 575 mcg, Lithium trace, Manganese 0.03 mg, Molybdenum 0.65 mcg, Platinum trace, Rubidium trace, Selenium 0.15 mcg, Silicon 1 mg, Silver trace, Tellurium trace, Titanium trace, Vanadium 2.3 mcg and Zinc 0.13 mg Amino acids: Histidine trace, Isoleucine 0.53 mg, Leucine 5.3 mg, Lysine 2.78 mg, Methionine 0.68 mg, Phenylalanine 0.83 mg, Threonine 2.33 mg, Tryptophan trace, Valine 2.63 mg, Alanine 4.57 mg, Arginine 11.17 mg, Aspartic acid 4.88 mg, Cysteine 0.90 mg, Glutamic acid 5.18 mg, Glycine 3.90 mg, Proline 3 mg, Serine 2.25 mg, Tyrosine 1.05 mg Betaines: Glycine Betaine trace, Gamma Amino Butyric Acid Betaine trace, Delta Amino Valeric Acid Betaine trace, TML (Laminine) trace, LCarnitine trace, Trigonelline trace; enzymes and valuable compounds which cannot be formulated such as the phenolic compounds including free phloroglucinol, fucophorethols, and phlorotannin derivatives.

We produce only pure nutritional supplements of the finest food quality, from our sustainable harvesting of wild shallow water Arctic wrack seaweeds which we call Seagreens. They are outstanding sea vegetables that contain a uniquely comprehensive balance of nutrients with no excessive components as often found in synthetic supplements or deep water kelp (Laminaria). We harvest three closely related species of brown wild shallow water Arctic wrack seaweed. These distinct Arctic varieties are more nutrient dense than their more southerly counterparts. Only fresh, living wild plants are harvested, cleaned, air-dried and immediately cracked, milled, micronised or puréed to produce a range of convenient, digestible forms. Nothing is extracted or added.

Suggested use: Adults and children over the age of four: 2 capsules each morning best with food; more in restricted diets and with nutritional guidance.  Keep dry, away from sunlight.

This product is a good source of natural Iodine within safe RDA recommendations for the general adult population. If you are taking thyroid medication, please consult with your certified healthcare practitioner before use.

Each bottle contains 180 capsules.


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