Sauce Master II


Automatically separates juice and pulp from seeds and skin, with easy continuous operation. Ideal for home canning, freezing, and dehydrating. Perfect for tomato juice, fruit butters, fruit leather, applesauce, baby food, pumpkin pie filling, jams, and jellies.

No pre-cooking needed for soft textured fruits like tomatoes. Includes plunger, spout, standard spiral, and stainless steel screen, recipes and instructions.



Ideal for straining vegetables, fruits, and purees, this tool features a reusable strainer that forces food through a steel screen, automatically separating juice and pulp in one easy step. Additional specialized screens fit with the Sauce Master to efficiently strain pumpkin, tomatoes, and fruit, cutting down on prep and cooking time (sold separately). Includes standard fine mesh screen, standard spiral, and recipe and instruction booklet. Hopper measures 8in/20cm in diameter and 3in/7.5cm deep. Holds 3qt/95oz. Hand washing recommended.


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