ButterMeister Electric Butter Churn


Here is another great electric butter churn that we are proud to offer our customers. The stainless steel agitator that comes with the Buttermeister is another plus. Your product only comes in contact with glass and stainless steel, no plastic or aluminum.

The Buttermeister includes a glass jar, motor, stainless steel agitator, and comes with full instructions and a one year warranty. Made in the USA with foreign and domestic parts.

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We offer two models to fit your family’s needs: 
The one gallon butter churn is just right for those who have smaller amounts of cream, saving you from the inconvenience of having to collect your cream for long periods of time which often results in too sour a product. This size is also convenient for those who purchase cream and don’t need as much butter at a time.

The butter churn 2 1/2 gallon jar size will churn up to 7 qts. of cream. It comes with a 2.5 gal barrel jar. 1 gallon conversion kit, This kit allows you to convert your Buttermeister 2.5 gallon churn to a 1 gallon churn. The conversion only take a few minutes to swap the lid, agitator and jar. Please note this kid does not include the jar. The jar is available as an accessory.


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