White Mountain Ice Cream Maker – Electric 20.94lbs


Machine. Its high-performing commercial-grade motor features reliable starting and running torque
for churning and blending the ice cream to the smoothest consistency. With a patented dasher
system to continuously fold ingredients using triple-motion action, this high-quality ice cream maker
is built with high-quality parts and designed to last for years of enjoyment.

MAKE DELICIOUS, ALL-NATURAL FROZEN TREATS: Enjoy your favorite ice cream flavors without
the extra additives and preservatives. You control what goes into your ice cream!

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  • HEAVY-DUTY 12,000 RPM MOTOR: Generates enough starting and running torque to mix ice
    cream as it solidifies
  • DASHER: Effectively stirs ice cream as it freezes and ensures a soft, creamy, and
    well-aerated ice cream mixture
  • ENJOY HOMEMADE TREATS IN 20 TO 40 MINUTES: The tall stainless steel canister allows the
    salt and ice to come in closer contact with the mixture for faster freezing
  • HANDCRAFTED OF NEW ENGLAND WHITE PINE: Wooden bucket is made from select pine
    tongue and groove planks tightly secured with sturdy slide and lock brackets, and finished with coats
    of stain, sealer, and lacquer for years of use.

Additional information

Weight 20.94 lbs
Dimensions 12.40 × 12.40 × 21.00 in


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