Water Bath Tech Harvest Pro-Sauce & Salsa Maker



The Ball FreshTech HarvestPro Sauce Maker can puree up to 15 quarts of fresh tomatoes in just
a few minutes so you can save time, effort, and mess. Now it’s easy and convenient to make
garden-fresh sauces, salsas, dips, and spreads from a variety of fruits and vegetables!

Extra-wide 2.5″ chute saves time – which means less prep needed for fruits and vegetables!
● Durable, fully-enclosed splash guard helps prevent splatter and mess
● Durable, oversized auger enables a more consistent puree
● Unique silicone wiper automatically rotates to reduce clogging and maximize yield
● One-step UniLock™ system detaches simply for easy, dishwasher-safe cleanup
● A high-performance motor with optimal torque ensures quiet operation
● Large nesting hopper and built-in cord pocket ensure compact storage

Also includes:

● Standard Screen
● Coarse Screen
● Tamper
● Cleaning Brush


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