Water Bath Canner Electric Multicooker


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Replace your old, stovetop water bath canner with the Ball 21-qt. FreshTech Electric Water Bath
Canner + Multi-Cooker, which can be used anywhere there’s a power outlet. Not only is this electric
water bath canner 20 percent more energy efficient than traditional stovetop methods for canning,
but you’ll also free up valuable space on your cooktop for other cooking tasks. This canner accommodates
large batch canning, fitting 7-quart jars or 8-pint jars comfortably at one time. The ingenious drain
spout on the exterior allows you to drain directly into the sink or empty water into a smaller container
– no need to worry about moving gallons of hot water at the end of the canning process. The drain
spout also enables this item to be used as an electric beverage urn, perfect for dispensing hot tea,
cider or cocoa at your next party.

Cook up a storm without using the stove, by conveniently using this electric cooker to steam,
simmer, boil, or blanch. It can be used as a stockpot for pasta, soups, stews, or as a steamer for
vegetables and seafood. Heat-resistant rubber-coated handles on the cooker and lid offer a
comfortable non-slip grip. The tight-fitting glass lid allows you to monitor the cooking process without
losing heat and moisture. The base is detachable for easy cleaning and conveniently nests inside
the cooker for more compact storage. The spiral-bound recipe book takes you from canning to fresh
chicken noodle soup.


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